LKI Consulting believes that every geoscientist is capable of understanding and applying geochemical and hyperspectral data to their programs. 

We offer training and workshops in applied geochemistry and spectral geology tailored to your company's needs that are a combination of theory with applied workflows using YOUR data.

Courses are offered in English or Spanish.

Our Training Programs

LKI Consulting both has standardized courses aimed at bringing your geologists to a higher level of geochemistry and applied spectroscopy, as well as the ability to customize courses for specific deposit styles and client requirements. 

  • Geochemistry Basics
  • Geochemical Environments
  • Introduction to Analytical Laboratories
  • QA/QC
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Elements, Ratios, and Indices
  • Geochemical Diagrams
  • Lithogeochemical Modeling
  • Orientation Surveys
  • Machine Learning Applications