De-risking the Mining Value Chain Using Hyperspectral Technology

De risking the Mining Value Chain Graph

Accurate and consistent mineralogy is one of the fundamental building blocks of exploration. The explorationist talks and dreams about discovery – in order to do this, they must define vectors towards mineralization, while simultaneously de-risking and increasing the net present value (NPV) of a project. The interpretation of hyperspectral data (i.e. absolute mineral identification, compositional…

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Hyperspectral, Geochemistry & Gangue Mineralogy

Closeup shot of the white stone

In comparison to their more shiny (and valuable) mineral counterparts, gangue mineralogy tends to be unloved by geologists. In our rush to define grade for market releases, we lose sight of the fact that gangue mineralogy impacts our final product (i.e., mines) dramatically.  What is gangue in CAPEX and OPEX terms? Gangue minerals are the…

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