Orientation Survey: pXRF

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pXRF has many applications both within and outside of mining and mineral exploration. In no industry has a vendor ever told a client to take the pXRF, point, shoot, and voilà – you now have a robust dataset that is ready for analysis.  This post both builds on our prior pXRF post (where we talked about QA/QC)…

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Orientation Surveys: Rocks

Periodic Table of Elements and Conversion Factors

Perhaps a bit unconventional for these blog posts, but I want this to revolve front and center around this amazing resource I found from ALS Labs in the depths of my hard drive… a periodic table of the elements that contains information about the types of digestions required to liberate each element (note that photon assay is…

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Orientation Study: Residual Soil Geochemistry

Orientation Study Residual Soil Geochemistry

As discussed in our first installment, orientation studies should enable the selection of optimum field, laboratory and interpretation procedures. Ideally, these procedures should allow for the clear resolution of significant anomalous patterns, with as little overlap as possible between anomalous and background populations. Below is a list of some of the most important factors that…

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January: A Month of Orientation Surveys

Stages of a Geochemistry Program

Orientation survey. Of course you *should* know what this term means… you think to yourself… Stop googling for half baked answers and stay tuned this January to our blog, where we are going to break down this term and show you how to put together some really simple programs that will ultimately return value to…

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