The fathers of spectroscopy, a series: Albert Einstein

August 24, 2023

We started off this series with a glass prism and the creation of the visible spectrum (Herschel) and since progressed through theories of light behaving as a wave and light (Maxwell) behaving as a particle (Planck). Now, let’s conclude our…

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The fathers of spectroscopy, a series, Max Planck

The fathers of spectroscopy, a series: Max Planck

August 9, 2023

Of the many substantial contributions to theoretical physics, Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck’s fame rests heavily on his role as the originator of quantum theory, which revolutionized human understanding (and Marvel movie subplots) of atomic and subatomic processes. The discovery…

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The fathers of spectroscopy, a series, James Clerk Maxwell

The fathers of spectroscopy, a series: James Clerk Maxwell

July 5, 2023

Last post we covered the foundation for which spectroscopy was built, the work of Sir William Herschel, who discovered the infrared through his experiments. Continuing our journey, James Clerk Maxwell was a Scottish mathematician and scientist responsible for the classical…

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The fathers of spectroscopy, a series, Sir William Herschel

The fathers of spectroscopy, a series: Sir William Herschel

June 26, 2023

Spectroscopy is the study of the absorption, reflectance, and emission of electromagnetic radiation (e.g., light) by matter, measured as a function of wavelength (or frequency). It is used as a tool for characterizing the structures of atoms and molecules by…

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Stages of a Geochemistry Program

January: A Month of Orientation Surveys

January 4, 2023

Orientation survey. Of course you *should* know what this term means… you think to yourself… Stop googling for half baked answers and stay tuned this January to our blog, where we are going to break down this term and show…

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Spectralucation July Beyond Porphyry Epithermal

Spectralucation July: Beyond Porphyry-Epithermal

July 27, 2022

A common comment that we receive is that ‘spectral is great for porphyry and epithermal, but it cannot help with other deposits.’ At LKI Consulting, we wholeheartedly disagree with this statement so for our last Spectralucation July post we would…

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Spectralucation July Why Are Plants Green Graph

Spectralucation July: Why Are Plants Green

July 13, 2022

Fig. 1. Montmorillonite spectra celebrating Spectalucation July. The y-axis is reflectance (%) and the x-axis is wavelength (nm). Our blog posts thus far have concentrated more on geochemistry and general themes so we thought for July… let’s get into some…

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De risking the Mining Value Chain Graph

De-risking the Mining Value Chain Using Hyperspectral Technology

May 31, 2022

Accurate and consistent mineralogy is one of the fundamental building blocks of exploration. The explorationist talks and dreams about discovery – in order to do this, they must define vectors towards mineralization, while simultaneously de-risking and increasing the net present…

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Closeup shot of the white stone

Hyperspectral, Geochemistry & Gangue Mineralogy

May 19, 2022

In comparison to their more shiny (and valuable) mineral counterparts, gangue mineralogy tends to be unloved by geologists. In our rush to define grade for market releases, we lose sight of the fact that gangue mineralogy impacts our final product…

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